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Spanish courses

The emphasis is on the communicative aspects of the language together with a grammatical syllabus for each level, but specific subjects such as management, finance, marketing, and others that may be of interest to students, professionals, business people and companies, can be included in the course design at no additional cost.
During the first 100 hours of classes, the participant can talk about himself and his family, ask basic questions, use greetings (formal and informal), ask for directions, give instructions, express preferences, likes and dislikes. He can also ask and give an opinion, talk about the time and make appointments, describe people, show interest, compliment, and talk about experiences in the past.
Regarding the length of time necessary to gain adequate competency in Spanish, at least 400 hours are suggested, that is, four levels of 100 hours each, approximately. At this point, the participants are able to talk about the present, past, future, and use two types of conditionals that would enable them to carry out an uncomplicated negotiation, make comparisons, establish likes and dislikes, talk about obligations and necessities, and so on. This fourth level also includes many idiomatic expressions and phrasals necessary for every-day situations.
The number of hours stated above are estimated on the basis of a regular twice-a-week course. If the classes are more intensive, the total number of hours needed is significantly reduced.
Our institute is also available for complete immersion courses. During a typical day, the participants are trained in shifts of 90 minutes or two hours, with different teachers to provide variety, and are taken to lunch by native speakers so that they are constantly exposed to the language.

Our location
American Training is located on Santa Fe Avenue, in one of the more attractive areas for tourists, students, business people and executives, as it is surrounded by museums, art galleries, shops and malls. .

Fees (Quoted in U.S. Dollars)

COURSES (Mondays to Fridays)   US$ 17 p/hour


2 hours p/day

4 hours p/day

6 hours p/day

1 Week




2 Weeks




3 Weeks




4 Weeks




Defensoría del Estudiante
La Asociación de Centros de Idiomas de la República Argentina tiene un programa de protección a los estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera denominado DEFENSORIA DEL ESTUDIANTE donde los usuarios de centros acreditados pueden realizar sugerencias, reclamos y todo comentario con respecto a la experiencia como estudiante de español en Argentina.

Para ayudarnos a mejorar los servicios que nuestros asociados brindan o acercar su reclamo puede escribirnos a



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